Tuesday, September 8, 2009

sweet 16

Yesterday was my birthday, i am 16 now!!!!!!!!!!!i really had a great time-i didn't organise something special i just went for shopping and for bowlling and chinese with my 2 best friends anne and alex-i know both of them many years since primary school so i love them and i can not imagine my life without them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!:3

picking a fortune cookie!

alex and anne!!!!!!


alex and anne!

and now the goodies that i bought!
a purple dress that i loved!
my new bag for school!!!!!!!!
anne's present for my birthday!i love it!!!!!!!
a sweet bracelet from accessorize!
i just love it!it is from accessorize!
i love that tight from stradivarius!

a pijama pant from oysho!!!!!!!!!
a nice shirt from h&m!

my birthday cake!!yumy!!!!!

(sorry for the bad photos but i didn't have my camera with me)


  1. GREAT GREAT GREAT! Hahahhahaah! these pictures in the chinese restaurant are hilarious <3
    Btw the food was delicious : )

    don't worry we didn't go to IKEA ... (we'll work something out!)

  2. hey!great buys!I love the dress and the bag!
    Happy birthday!I think it was the best way to celebrate it!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, I hope all ur dreams come true^^
    Those are really fun pictures, u got so many nice presents for ur birthday^^

  4. Happy birthday!
    Love these photos lol looks like you had an amazing day!
    Haha fortune cookies are awesome, I always keep them (if they are nice that is!)
    And that new school bag is lovely!
    Beth xx

  5. hahaha!
    TOMORROW IKEA my friend! Shop 'till you drop : )

    it's going to be a great day-I can tell : )

  6. hi ^^ happy belated birthday haha ..
    thanks for following me. Seeing the pictures make me smile. I can feel the friendship atmosphere :-D