Thursday, September 24, 2009

i love shopping!

i took part in aralka's giveaway!!
check out her beutiful blog!!!!!

Pffff...i hate school-i don't have time for anything, i don't know what free time means anymore!!!!!!

here are some things that i bought yesterday:

a shampoo and a conditoiner that i loved!the shampoo smells like honey and jojoba and the conditioner smells like wheat!!!!!!

a scarf from ZARA

a belt form ZARA

my new boots-i love them!


  1. wow wow wow!!! I love the picture and the belt and the hat and the scarf and the boots and the shampoos and YOU

    Tomorrow pancakes right?
    miss u

  2. I really like this belt. So cute!
    And your photo is very nice :)

  3. Have you ever done something like bloggers' swap?
    Because I haven't. But I think it is fun!

  4. i will go out with the girls tonight-for dinner ..!

  5. Well, a lot of my followers did swap, and they were very happy.
    I think that they exchange cosmetics, magazines etc...

  6. loving the scaaaarf too :D :D :D :D :D :D
    love the boots etc etc
    everything. I actually love everything.
    i wanna go shopping.
    the end.

  7. i love the boots?attrattivo no?i think i saw them in a shop one of these days...i hope you ll enjoy them a lot!

  8. Omg I like so much all the stuff+ ur pretty+ your blog is super nice.
    comment my new blog, xoxo