Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Secret-The Pierces+tags!

Hello my beautiful readers!!
Well i know that i haven't done a post for ages but I am in senior year now in school and u can't imagine how hard it is!!!!I have bothe private and public school and it's hell!!!!
Anyway i am finally doing a post!!!!
And this post is gonna be about some tags that i recieved lately!!!
3 bloggers tagged me and yeah i am gonna do them all!!!!

First tag:Annie's blog

1. If you were a cupcake, what would you be? A chocolate one maybe with strawberries!
2. Which is your quotation?"the monster ate my cookie"from an old movie
3. Which is your favorite item of clothing?oversized jumpers and leggings
4. Your favorite word?pancake
5. Which is your favorite song right now?"the secret" the piercies
6. If you could slap one celebrity on the face, who would you choose?Demi Moore grrrr
7. Describe an amazing evening for you.Be in a fancy restorant with my boy...
8. What would your fav. breakfast include?donuts.cupcakes,hot coffee...

Second tag:sofi moukidou

1) What is your favorite color for that season?pale green or blue,cream,beige and light brown!
2) What is at the top of your wishlist?a coat
3)How did you started blogging?My best friend Anna gave me the idea!
4) What's your inspiration?Spencer and Aria from pretty little liars!
5) What do you study? i am still in school!
6)Which is your favorite moovie?hard...the uninvited!
7)How many languages do you speak?greek,english...
8)Where would you like to live?London,NY,Paris....:p

Third tag:Lorelai

I love chocolate
I love moovies
I love fashion magazines
I love traveling
I love the rain
I love old bookstores
I love music
I love old creepie places
I love vampires
I love the 60's and 70's

So I am tagging u all people-if u read this post and u wanna do one of the tags just comment me bellow and tell me to check it out!It will make me really happy...!

Many kisses and thnx to the people that taged me!
PS:I also icluded some inspiration photos!