Thursday, September 24, 2009

i love shopping!

i took part in aralka's giveaway!!
check out her beutiful blog!!!!!

Pffff...i hate school-i don't have time for anything, i don't know what free time means anymore!!!!!!

here are some things that i bought yesterday:

a shampoo and a conditoiner that i loved!the shampoo smells like honey and jojoba and the conditioner smells like wheat!!!!!!

a scarf from ZARA

a belt form ZARA

my new boots-i love them!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i love disney!

mushu and timon are my fav i just love them they are so funny and hilarious...

i love everything about disney since i was a little girl

my fav disney soundracks:

i put this song in greek because i just prefer it and is my favourite of all!!!

i think i put many videos but i love those songs and i wanted to show them to u-so tell me which is ur fav or make a list of ur fav disney movies soundracks ,i may forgot some!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My top 8 hot guys!

i think it's getting very hot here...hihihi

1.Jared Padalecki

2. Ashton Kutcher and he is is second because he is married...

3.Stuart Townsend

4.Paul Walker

5. James McAvoy

6. Robert Patisson

7. jensen Ackles

8.Kyle Burn he is playing drums in the band forever the sickest kids

who do u like the most?

try and make ur own top 8!!!


Also i got that kreativ award from aralka check out her cute blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank u!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

i wish to win!!!!-my fav blogs!!!

hey i decided to give some awards to the blogs that i love reading!!!
and i am going to give this award to:
-Anna's magical world
-13 december
-paper heart
-a "cheery" disposition
-striped socks playing ping pong
-coffee break

check out their beautiful blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!

i took part in a giveaway-i wiss i follow the rules correct because i haven't done this before!!!!you can find more about that giveaway in that lovely blog:

The Prize:Lamb Fragrance all over me body scrub, 2 new wet & wild nail polish, 2 Art Deco Nail art Lacquer,Bonnebell Glimmer bronze, Mini Drama Queen Notebook,Hello Kitty Cellphone Charm,B&BW Nail File , Oriental design coin purse ...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

sweet 16

Yesterday was my birthday, i am 16 now!!!!!!!!!!!i really had a great time-i didn't organise something special i just went for shopping and for bowlling and chinese with my 2 best friends anne and alex-i know both of them many years since primary school so i love them and i can not imagine my life without them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!:3

picking a fortune cookie!

alex and anne!!!!!!


alex and anne!

and now the goodies that i bought!
a purple dress that i loved!
my new bag for school!!!!!!!!
anne's present for my birthday!i love it!!!!!!!
a sweet bracelet from accessorize!
i just love it!it is from accessorize!
i love that tight from stradivarius!

a pijama pant from oysho!!!!!!!!!
a nice shirt from h&m!

my birthday cake!!yumy!!!!!

(sorry for the bad photos but i didn't have my camera with me)