Thursday, September 10, 2009

i wish to win!!!!-my fav blogs!!!

hey i decided to give some awards to the blogs that i love reading!!!
and i am going to give this award to:
-Anna's magical world
-13 december
-paper heart
-a "cheery" disposition
-striped socks playing ping pong
-coffee break

check out their beautiful blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!

i took part in a giveaway-i wiss i follow the rules correct because i haven't done this before!!!!you can find more about that giveaway in that lovely blog:

The Prize:Lamb Fragrance all over me body scrub, 2 new wet & wild nail polish, 2 Art Deco Nail art Lacquer,Bonnebell Glimmer bronze, Mini Drama Queen Notebook,Hello Kitty Cellphone Charm,B&BW Nail File , Oriental design coin purse ...


  1. Thank you very very much!!! I love your blog too :)

  2. hey, thanx so much little girl! :)
    good luck with the give-away!

  3. Thank you sweetie, means a lot. I changed my comment part by going into settings I think. I wend back to look how I did it and I forgot. I am going to try to figure it out for you... sorry I cant remember's been awhile.

  4. Kinezoulhs gia pada : )

    I love u sister!!!

  5. good luck on the giveaway- I will take part in one too : )

  6. Kala eisai polu tupaki me ta akoustika su!