Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Come round soon!

hey beautiful people!!!!!!!i miss so much my pc!!!!!!!
anyway i wanted to tell u that i decided to do some small changes in my room because it's so boring and it's not my style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want it to look more vintage and girlie,more me and i prefer light blue and maybe some pink but idk!!!!!!!
that's why i need ur help!!!!!!!!!!!!plz give me ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!also i want to buy a new mirror!
and my mam bought me a new blanket from ikea!!!!!!!!!!

Daphne :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

with or without u!

hey beautiful people!!!!!!!!!my pc has some technical problems again...:(
so i can't do a great post-i am so sad because i think this time i will lose everything and i will not have my pc back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am planning to go on shopping tomorrow-yea!!!!!i am so happy finally i will do something for myself!!!!!
well here are what i want to buy:
1.a pink cardigan from h&m with big buttons!
2.a grey sweater from h&m
3.a pair of black welies with stardust
4.a grey wool hat and a red one!
5.the new body shop perfume "love and etc"
6.a new body cream maybe a vanilla one!
7.a black leather bag from h&m

i hope my pc will be back home soon and i promise i will do a post with lots of photos soon!!!!!!!!!!
i just made a hot cup of coffee so i am leaving u and i wish u will all have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!
i love u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh and i am so happy beacause i got a ticket fot the U2 concert in september!!!!!!

Daphne :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


hi beautiful people!!!!!!!i am so tired today i woke up at 6:00 because i had to give some english exams i hope the results will be good!!!!^_^
after the exams i had to take the bus to go back home so i took some photos of the road wile i was walking to the bus stop!!!!!!!!!!!the weather today rocks!!!!!!!!! :)

the bus stop!

my boots-waiting to pass the road!!!!

my fav juice strawberry!!!!!!

some flowers that i found beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i really don't know what i am going to do today i am so tired and i have to read so many things
for school-oh god i am writing a test too pff...
so by my dear followers i hear my books calling my name....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Give it to me wright-melani fiona!

hey guys-i know that my blog is a mess lately but my pc has some technical problems so it's very hard for me to write and put new things to my blog!!!!!!!i hope my pc will come home soon!!!!!!!!
you can visit polyvore one of my fav sites and see my new creations-if you want click here!!!!

well my life these days was so ordinery i mean there was nothing great the only thing i did to please myself was that i went with my friend alex(31 of october=halloween)to the cinema and we watched michael jackson's this is it!!!!!!
it was a little bit borring but if u are a real fun of him then you will like it!!!!!!!!!

PS:beacause i don't have a pc at home that does not mean that i don't check my e-mails and my blog so if you want to ask me anything plz just comment to me i will see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love u guys!!!!!!:)
oh!and i will try to put some photos soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!