Saturday, November 30, 2013

Apivita haul + mini review !

   So i decided to make a  fresh start with my blog!!!! I revamped it a bit by changing the header and playing with the way the tamplate looks, hopefully it turned out great!!Sometimes I get in those moods that I really miss my blog , I mean I remember how much i used to love blogging and how much my blog meant to me!!! I don't know why i stopped, I guess i grew up. I was 15 when i started blogging back in 2009 , it's been almost 5 years since  and I have changed so much!!! I realized that by looking at my old posts which by the way are soooo bad as well as hilarious!! Anywaaaay long story short I made a goal with my self to start blogging again, and will see how that goes!
    For this post i'm gonna share with you some products that i recently purchased from Apivita!!! Apivita is an amazing greek brand with mainly beauty products that are organic and most of them have 100% natural ingridients!!!I'm also gonna do a mini review on the products!!!