Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i love disney!

mushu and timon are my fav i just love them they are so funny and hilarious...

i love everything about disney since i was a little girl

my fav disney soundracks:

i put this song in greek because i just prefer it and is my favourite of all!!!

i think i put many videos but i love those songs and i wanted to show them to u-so tell me which is ur fav or make a list of ur fav disney movies soundracks ,i may forgot some!!!!!!!!


  1. Ti einai auta kale???????Egw 8elw ki allous andres!!!!!!!!!!Gimme more!!!!!!!!!!joanna

  2. I'm a fan of walt disney too... I specially love Beauty and The Beast... I was a little girl when the movie was launched and I was obsessed with it. Also The little Marmaid and Hercules... There are so many!!! And Nemo and Ratatouille too

  3. iwanna dn pas kala dn 8a t kanw blog gia xeligomenes-eipame 8a me perasoun gia kamia...
    8ele k allous antres kane blog k vaze osous 8es!!!!!!ante t leme st sxolio!

  4. <3 disney! it just makes me feel like a kid again. i'm exciting for the new movie, the princess and the frog. i heard it was a musical but idk. :)

    these songs bring back so many memories! :)

  5. I love under the sea, hakuna matata and aladdin theme!

  6. where have you been sweety?! I miss uuu : )

  7. Have u seen a cartoon titled "UP" ? I don't know whether it is disney or not, but watching that makes me cry. Very touching ..
    by the way, I think the classic cartoons like donald duck, etc stayed longer on the people's heart. Don't know why :)