Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hey guys!!!About a month ago i went to Istanbul and it was my second time there-i had an amazing time!!!!!!!I have an old post from the first time i went there-i love Istanbul so much!!!Anyway here's a post with some of the photos i took-i'm gonna do more posts with pics from the trip so this is part 1!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I love you this big

Hello everyone!!
I missed you...and finally i am doing a post!!
Few days ago i had my birthday, i'm 18 now-I can't believe that i am an adult now....!
Anyway i wanted to share some photos of my cake and my friends-i hade a really great time and the cake was delicious!Also i spend this weekend watching movies and making pancakes for me and my best friend Anne!

                              I love you this big-Scotty Mccreery


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Hello!My exams are finally over and i'm free to do whatever i want-well not exactly whatever but u know what i mean!                                                                         Better then Ezra-Juicy
Now i have time to do blog posts and i really wanna improve my blog but i have to figure out how!!
Anyway here is my small sunglasses collection-hope u enjoy:
The first pair, the black one with the floral print was a gift from London,the heart shape one is from ohsho,the mahusive pair is from h&m and the aviator and the wayfarer  pair are by rayban!

PS:I'm so addicted with the Desperate Houswifes,I just finished the second season and i can't wait to start watching the third one!!!Oh!!In 3 days Pretty Little Liars are starting -god! an other show that i can't wait for!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pink Cadillac

Hello everyone!!!!!I have a small haul for you with some new pink products that i bought-yes all of them are pink!!!!!!!Well i love pink so...
                                                   Pink Cadillac-Elvis Prisley

body wash-johnson's be fresh and imagine
perfume-japanese cherry blossom-the body shop
lipstick chatterbox by mac
make-up bag clinique
nail polish-ice cream cake by mac

Fiy i have the best friend ever she just got back from Rome and she bought me some gifts from lush-they are amazing and i can't wait to use them!!!!

The first one is the shimmy shimmy massage bar,the second one is the sex bomb bath bomb and the last one also my favorite is the Mrs.Whippy bath bomb which makes your bath water look like a milkshake!!!

And ofc the cherry blossom girl for etam!!!I'm gonna by the bag!!

So that was it for that post my lovely readers lots of photos and no talking well i feel so bored cause of the studying and final exams are coming so wish me good luck-i'm gonna need it!!!!!
See ya in my next post

ps:i took part in an amazing giveaway-check it out!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Jewllery

Hope u all doing well!!!!Final exams are almost here and i am so nervous i just hope that everything will go fine!I'm planning on going for some spring shopping soon so wait for a haul!Anyway i thought that i should show you some of my fav jewllery for spring-all of them are from accessorize!

how gorgeous is that photo!?I wanted to share it with u!

kisses Daphne

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another one bites the dust-Queen

  Hello my beautiful readrs!!For this post i wanted to share with you my january favorites(my favorite products)and some other things that i did this week!!enjoy:

Some of the beuty products that i fell i love with in january are new bad some of them are in my collection for a while but i have never used them so much before!!!
-in the middle is my mineralize skinfinish by MAC in petticoat i use this for more then one month everyday as a blush or to highlight-i love it!
-for blush i was using a lot the bite of an apple by MAC(unfortunatly it was limited edition)
-for eyes i felt in love with the euphoria pallet by CHANEL(I'm sorry for not posting a photo of the colors but my pallet is broken-i'm a really clumsy person) for mascara i was using a lot the haute&naughty lash by MAC i am not a really big fan of the formula but i love the applicator that it has
-as for the lips i was using craving by MAC and nothing else,it is my fav lipstick by far!!
-and moving on to the nailpolishes i have three favorites 1)meet me on the star ferry by OPI 2)bad fairy by MAC 3)003 by LANCOME

well those where my beauty favorites for january as for my randome favorits-those are:
-fav song for january: california soul by Marlena Shaw
-fav TVshow for january: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS-god i can't wait for the next episode!
-fav drink for january: tea
-fav cereal for january:honey loops

Last Saturday i went to a lovely party called "go vintage" and i had a really good time plus i met new people!

As for shopping i bought a cape from Stradivarious- i love it but i look like Dracula from Supernatural's "Monster movie" episode when i'm wearing it.....

Here make the combination:

    And for the ones that are not convinced yet here is a video !

And last but not least after the party we went for some macaron!!!!

Kisses Daphne

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I got my mind set on you

     (haha i know i look really weird here)

 Hello my beautiful readers!!!!!!There's nothing excited going on with my life wright now and i am sick wich drives me crazy cause i can't do anything!!!Anyway i thought that since i bought a new camera it's time to do an outfit post so here it is-nothing special just a simple everyday outfit...!

      (plz don't judge my messy room...)

    sunglasses:ray-ban(ok i know there is no sun in my room...)    scarf,necklace:h&m
     leather jacket:sradivarious   sweater:gant   bottom:staff
     bag:h&m(my current obsession)    

George Harrison-Got my mind set on you

       So time to leave ya

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stand by me-Ben e king

Hello everybody!!
Ok i promise my intro will not be about school again...Holidays are over and i wanted to do a post to tell you how excited i am with the gifts that i got!!Weeks before Christmas i knew what i wanted and i was trying to save money for them!Finally i got those 2 things-the 5g ipod and a camera(I got a Canon pwoershot)Oh I am so happy...!!!

Last night we went to Applebee's with Anne and we had a lovely dinner-we ordered fried chiken sald and the amazing fresh lemonade!!

PS:I dyed my hair a darker brown color with red undertone!!:)

Kisses Daphne