Saturday, June 11, 2011


Hello!My exams are finally over and i'm free to do whatever i want-well not exactly whatever but u know what i mean!                                                                         Better then Ezra-Juicy
Now i have time to do blog posts and i really wanna improve my blog but i have to figure out how!!
Anyway here is my small sunglasses collection-hope u enjoy:
The first pair, the black one with the floral print was a gift from London,the heart shape one is from ohsho,the mahusive pair is from h&m and the aviator and the wayfarer  pair are by rayban!

PS:I'm so addicted with the Desperate Houswifes,I just finished the second season and i can't wait to start watching the third one!!!Oh!!In 3 days Pretty Little Liars are starting -god! an other show that i can't wait for!