Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pink Cadillac

Hello everyone!!!!!I have a small haul for you with some new pink products that i bought-yes all of them are pink!!!!!!!Well i love pink so...
                                                   Pink Cadillac-Elvis Prisley

body wash-johnson's be fresh and imagine
perfume-japanese cherry blossom-the body shop
lipstick chatterbox by mac
make-up bag clinique
nail polish-ice cream cake by mac

Fiy i have the best friend ever she just got back from Rome and she bought me some gifts from lush-they are amazing and i can't wait to use them!!!!

The first one is the shimmy shimmy massage bar,the second one is the sex bomb bath bomb and the last one also my favorite is the Mrs.Whippy bath bomb which makes your bath water look like a milkshake!!!

And ofc the cherry blossom girl for etam!!!I'm gonna by the bag!!

So that was it for that post my lovely readers lots of photos and no talking well i feel so bored cause of the studying and final exams are coming so wish me good luck-i'm gonna need it!!!!!
See ya in my next post

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  1. sweety! YOU are the best girl in the world :)
    xairomai poly pu su aresan <3
    p.s: to tragoudi einai teleio kai exw dei to video peripou 30 fores...


    Piiiink ftw!!
    kai to tragoudi einai glyka opws kai to videoclip:)

  3. I love pink too, the stuff u got look really lovely. The Mac ice cream cake nail polish looks so cute.By the way, I really like ur header looks so cute, happy easter hun^^.

    vrhka thn cherry blossom na milaeiiiiiiiiiiii

  5. i'm desperate for that mac nail varnish, it's such a gorgeous colour! trip to selfridges is definitely needed x

  6. Aw pink nail varnish. I was just contemplating on what colour nail varnish to put on and I think you have just solved my problem. ❤

  7. φουλ του ροζ.....γλύκαααα

  8. overload of pink! hahaha
    Lovely blog though (:

    xx Anna

  9. very good shopping sweetie :)

  10. hey! love your blog!
    check my blog out! i've got a surprise for you!