Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another one bites the dust-Queen

  Hello my beautiful readrs!!For this post i wanted to share with you my january favorites(my favorite products)and some other things that i did this week!!enjoy:

Some of the beuty products that i fell i love with in january are new bad some of them are in my collection for a while but i have never used them so much before!!!
-in the middle is my mineralize skinfinish by MAC in petticoat i use this for more then one month everyday as a blush or to highlight-i love it!
-for blush i was using a lot the bite of an apple by MAC(unfortunatly it was limited edition)
-for eyes i felt in love with the euphoria pallet by CHANEL(I'm sorry for not posting a photo of the colors but my pallet is broken-i'm a really clumsy person) for mascara i was using a lot the haute&naughty lash by MAC i am not a really big fan of the formula but i love the applicator that it has
-as for the lips i was using craving by MAC and nothing else,it is my fav lipstick by far!!
-and moving on to the nailpolishes i have three favorites 1)meet me on the star ferry by OPI 2)bad fairy by MAC 3)003 by LANCOME

well those where my beauty favorites for january as for my randome favorits-those are:
-fav song for january: california soul by Marlena Shaw
-fav TVshow for january: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS-god i can't wait for the next episode!
-fav drink for january: tea
-fav cereal for january:honey loops

Last Saturday i went to a lovely party called "go vintage" and i had a really good time plus i met new people!

As for shopping i bought a cape from Stradivarious- i love it but i look like Dracula from Supernatural's "Monster movie" episode when i'm wearing it.....

Here make the combination:

    And for the ones that are not convinced yet here is a video !

And last but not least after the party we went for some macaron!!!!

Kisses Daphne


  1. Είστε απίσευτα τυχερές που μπορέσατε να πάτε στο πάρτυ!! Το είχα δει και ήθελα να πάααω πάρα πολύ! Αλλά μας χωρίζει ολόκληρο Αιγαίο βλέπεις...
    Πολύ τέλειο ποστ!Καλα να περνας!

  2. teleia perasame <3 teleies photo!!!
    elpizw ta macaroon na nai nostima :)

    damn it ANNA AN DEIS TO COMMENT ena sou lew: mn kanoniseis tpt ja epomeno soukou, kai ec dafnh mazepse thn drakoulisia berta sou kai pame ja kafe :)

  4. aaa hsoun sto go vintage...elpizw na perasate kala!
    kai episis pou vriskonte auta ta macaron...MILA!!! hahahahhaha


  5. ta macaron koritsia einai apo ton agaphto!!!!

  6. sounds like you had a lovely time - j'adore the cape too darling x

  7. I hope your days remain beautiful.
    All my love.


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