Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring mood-"kinezos"melisses!

Hey beautiful people!!!How you doin???
Thank you very much for taking part to my giveaway and for following and don't forget that the winner will recieve a suprise present!!!!!
Well i don't have special news only that i am very happy these days i don't know why maybe cause spring is here, the weather is perfect espesially today and i am in the mood of doing lots of things!!!!!Also i don't have so much homework for school these days and i feel more relax!!!!!!
Yesteday was the eurovision final here in greece to decide which song we are going to send well
i don't like the song that won and i thin that "kinezos" by melisses should have won-melisses it's a new greek band that i love their first single "krufa" was amazing and the singer is really hot and handsome...!!!
That's "kinezos":

That's their first single "kryfa":

And as i said before i am in spring mood so i made some spring theme polyvore sets:



  1. love the sets!!!!
    i didnt like the winning song either,it so kitch makes me wanna kill my self:p
    gosh,i really loved the way your blog looks now,so beautiful!!!


  2. Nah me neither , didn't like the winning song !

    Love your Apring collection , tres cool (: !

  3. I didn't like the winner song either, I was voting for the Second Skin, Kinezos was good too! Great choices, I love Polyvore too! Kisses!

  4. Love your blog, just came across it. love your picture collection the middle one is my fava xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. i loooove zoooey deschanel.
    no joke...

    and great blog!! <3

  6. Prepei na agoraseis to kainourio glamour! kai na kaneis new post--varethika!