Thursday, March 25, 2010

10 Trends of Spring by CW!

Hey beautiful people!!!I know that this post should be the 2nd day but i found this super article wile i was in CW's site!Well one of my fave TVshows these days is 90210 the new one,i love it!-now i am watching season 2 and i can say that Andrianna's and Annie's style are perfect-so this article is about some trends and style tips of spring 2010 inspired by their main characters of 90210,Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries !!!!!!
10 Trends of Spring 2010
by CW Style on March 16th, 2010

1. Hot shorts – Hot shorts are back and they are shorter than ever. Along with the super short length, these season’s shorts may also come with frayed edges, threaded detail, or distressed washes.

2. One-pieces – Whether you call them rompers or one-piece jumpers, expect to see this trend everywhere. Although rompers have been in style for a while, designers are adding a fun new twist by including ruffles or incorporating bustiers.

3. Knee high socks – Legware in general has been very popular this year. A specific type of legware that you should be on the look out for is the comeback of the knee high sock. This includes tights that go up to the knee as well as athletic tube socks.

4. Sheer fabric – This spring you can boost up the romanticism to any outfit by wearing clothing with sheer cut-out pieces, like lace, tulle and chevaughn fabric to give your outfit a light and airy feel.

5. Metallics – The metallic trend is in and now you’ll have an excuse to shine from head-to-toe. This season we will see the metallic trend moving from accessories to clothing. However if you think that full body metallic is little too bold for you, then you could still get by with wearing a hint of metal on your shoes or bag and be just as stylish.

6. Exposed backs – Any type clothing that shows an open back will be a hot item for the spring. Get ready to see tops and dresses with racerbacks, t-backs, plunging backs, and anything exposing a little skin from your shoulders to the lower part of your back.

7. 60s inspired clothing – The retro look has become quite popular recently, especially when it comes to business attire. Think pant suits, pencil skirts, and flowy blouses to spice up your usual formal outfits

8. Prints – Its no surprise that prints will be very popular over the spring. Some of the prints that you should expect to see are watercolor, tribal, safari, and floral. These prints will have expanded from being just on tops to appearing on tights, bottoms, and even shoes.

9. Prairie – Time to let out your inner country girl. The prairie trend is bringing back western shirts, cowboy booties and ditsy print clothing. And by ditsy we mean “small floral print.” Get your mind out of the gutter.

10. Nautical – Our last trend tip we will leave you with is to go for the nautical look, meaning jeans and lots of stripes. And instead of the usual red, white and blue colors we always see with this trend, designers are taking a bold, new approach to stripes by working with unusual colors like bright yellow or deep purple.



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  3. Great post!!! I love Andrianna's style so much esp on season 1 except the drug part :D
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  5. Great trend report! I love pretty much all these looks, although the first three are probably what I'll be wearing mostly this summer.

    I'm a huuuuge Gossip Girl fan and adore the clothes they wear on the show. I'm really glad to see some GG style made the cut. (^___^)

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