Saturday, January 9, 2010

I want it that way!!!!

Hey guys!!!!!

When i was little i used to be in love with some things!!!!I still love some of them but i don't carry so much!!!!!

1.The first cd i got was the "Millennium" by my fav band Backstreet boys!!!!!!!I still listening to it!!!!!!:p Oh!!!!I used to be in love with Nick!!!!!
2.I think we all know Monopoly and we used to play it!!!!!!!
3.Also i used to be in love with Leonardo DiCaprio!!!!!After Titanic he was my fav!!!!
4.Fav candy:marshmellows!!!!!!!!
5.I used to have 20 barbies-i was sooo in love with them and their clothes!!!!!And ofc i used to have a barbie car and a house!!!!
6.I don't know any kid that doesn't like ice-cream!!!!!
7.My fav movie as a kid was Anastasia-i used to watch it 3 or 4 times a day!!!!!
8.I also use to have a pink bag that i was sooo in love with-i was putting everything there!!!!
I used to love other things too but i was addicted to those i wrote!!!!!!


  1. the backstreet boys album was my first cd!

  2. ahahahahaha the backstreet boys album was my FAV
    i used to play my toy piano and imagine i was a member of the band !

  3. hahaha teleia!
    m arese para polu k mena i monopoly,i barbie k fusika,ta mardhmallows:)ax auta ta zaxarwta!


  4. isn't it funny that all little girls are the same? I used to love all these things in one variation to another. ;)


  5. ha ha, very interesting ! I think we all hark back to things we loved when we were small.....

  6. aaw i remmbr wen i used to have all those things little secret stil have some to (:


  7. haha i love anastasia when i was younger as well :)

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  8. oh the days when it was backstreet boys vs nsync. ofcourse i pick bacstreet boys all the way! right on girlfriend! LOL WOOT WOOT!

    also, leo d?! oh boy... you have a lot in common with jess from then! she plans on marrying him someday. lol.

    oh oh ! and anastasia... you know the song... journey to the past? every time i feel like singing... that's the first song that pops into my head. either taht or reflection from mulan :D

    also, thank you for the comment. you should get a calendar! it will save your life. hahaha!

  9. hola! hellou!! Good things ehhh!!!!! I like DiCaprio! yummy!


  10. soooo cute :) haha i loved the movie anastasia too

  11. to ekana ki egw auto me thn tsanta kai koubalousa ola mou ta agaphmena !
    auto ta paidia exun anagkh na to kanoun giati niwthoun asfaleia me auta ta antikeimena !
    wx ti mu kanes twra thelw zaxarwta !!!

  12. oh god so many memories - wasn't leo so dreamy back then?

  13. such a cute post - remind me of my own childhood! i was suchhhh a girly girl :)

    ♥ Hannah



  14. This is so funny, I was in love with every single one too! :-)

    Cute blog lady, now following!


  15. thank you for the comment. hopefully grandpa understands one day too. that ive lived for twenty years. lol. he told me that when i get a career that we'll both pray for a husband. LOL! WOW >.<

  16. This is a sweet list and a cute blog you got going here :)

  17. na po oti tous backstreet boys dn tous ektimousa mikri.....ala tora sta geramata?? :$:$:$

  18. Thanks for the nice comment! I love your pictures in the sidebar. I try to take vintagy looking pics and they always just turn out forced and trite... Maybe I should stick to watercolors.

  19. Ahh!

    he's gorgeous
    and marshmallows are so yummy :)

    xx scarzz

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    Hope you enjoy my blog as I do with yours!

  21. Backstreet boys rock! I was a Spice Girl fan too! Your post was nice to read! I am happy that I found your blog, I am your new follower!

  22. ti kalooooo :)
    M'areseeee toso polu to post!hehe-backstreet boys ftw :P
    WE used to dance together-remember?!
    oh- snif

  23. pooo! But i want it that way...tell my why...epiko kommati poy to akouw euxarista mexri simera!

    nick carter <3