Saturday, January 30, 2010


hey guys!!!!!
i am in finland now!!!!!!i am leaving tomorrow and i do not want!!!!!it is so nice here but very cold-i think now it is -17 degrees!!!!!!!!oh i forgot to tell you that i am sick but i do not care cause it is perfect here!!!!!!
i just came from shopping and we have to go to our farewell party is 2 hours!!!!!
i mett some really cute guys:p they are all soooo pretty here!!!!!!!and it is a guy called micael(i am not sure!!!!!!)he is a singer and he is soooo hot and nice guy!!!!!!!i can not get him out of my mind!!!!!!!:)
oh i must goo mow!!!!


  1. wow, Finland? I think it's very nice isnt it?
    in poland 4 days ago was -20 degrees...
    today is 0 degrees! warmer

    take care

  2. how lovely. finland! wow.

  3. Finland? you're so lucky to get to go there! :)
    Have a great safe trip and good luck with the guy.

  4. :DDDDDDD hehehehhehe hot guys are always a BIG plus on trips :D make sure to take his number or email :)
    have fuuuuuun

  5. Emeis sth finlandia se steilame gia na deis ta aksio8eata oxi gia na kollhseis me ton micke h' pws sto diaolo ton lene!Ax ti exoume na akousoume apo vdomada!!Joanne

  6. hahah (:
    love you hun and have lots of fun look at the bright side ok.