Thursday, December 3, 2009

what a beautiful world!

hey beautiful people!!!!!!finally my pc is back!!!!!!!!!i am so happy these days because i love christmas and i am sure they are going to be perfect!i have so many things that i want to do!!!
and maybe my school will close earlier for christmas!!!!!!!!!!also i took part in an exchange progamme with finland-i am so excited-i am going to stay there 8 days and i will live in a house with a family that i don't know!!!!!!i can't wait!!!!!!!!:)
today the weather is perfect so i did something that i really love:i made i cup of hot chocolate i listen to a new cd with music from old movies i took a peace of paper and i wrote down what i must do those cristmas...



  1. nice<3

    ax ti teleia!!!!!filandiaaa<3!
    egw 8a paw vienni gia xmas!!!

    na peraseis teleia k na vgaleis photo!!!!
    ante vre k me kanan kouklo filando:p


  2. wow i lie fenias comment u cant understand anything what language is that.


    nice pictures and great tht u will be out of school early...


  3. ax na moun sthn hlikia sou kai na ekana to idio!
    se zhleuw www thelw ki egw antallagh :)P

  4. ahuuuu JEALOUS!!!
    Love the pj trousers-people: We were wandering for almost 2 days in the city centre to find these cuties : )

  5. floral pj pants!!! and Florence! (it's florence on the last picture right?)
    have a nice time up north! =)

  6. Hey!
    Nice Blog!
    I have the same light of flowers ♥!
    I will be reading you!

  7. Those photos make me wanna go on vacation! lol.

    Hot chocolate = love :)

  8. yay for your PC!

    love the pictures
    and mm, hot chocolate!

    xx scarzz

  9. i want t learn greek is it hard?

  10. wow! what a beautiful place. thanks for stopping by my blog.