Thursday, December 17, 2009

Come together-Beatles

Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!
Well i am fucking tired today...I wrote to big tests and l didn't sleep last night because i was reading...
My life sucks, but Cristmas are comming so i am optmistic that it will be prefect and finally i'll get some rest!!!!!!
Also i am unlucky too i wanted to see 5oo days with Summer so much but cinemas doesn't playing it anymore and today was the photoshoot at my school for Finland but i didn't know it and because i was tired i went to scool without make-up, i was a mess and i look so ugly in the photo...:(
But i have some good news to tell u!!!!I have 52 followers!!!yupi!!!!I am going to the city center this saturday to buy things for my giveaway!!And i may buy some things for me!!!!!Also i have an invitation for the MTV party this saturday night,i thing i'll go!!!But i have no idea what to wear-Ineed help-plz give me ideas!!!!!!



  1. u shud go to the party sounds like fun.
    im sure u ddnt come out ugly in the picture we all have those days.


  2. MTV party yay:)
    na pas standarrrr!!!!!
    hmmm...ena tzinaki me ena top k polla accessories(px alusides st laimo k vraxiolakia) k ankle boots:)

    8a ta spas agria!

  3. thelw ki egw party !!!
    na pas oso gia th photo mh skas aplh kai fusikh tha eisai !:)
    bale tzin rocking tee kai heels !!!!

  4. tzinaki me mia oraia mplouza opos eipe i mairy, afta forousa ki ego otan pigaina sxoleio(alla kai akoma to kano! :) ) i einai aplo forema arkei na eisai aneta! OR gia xoro einai telio to sortsaki, me oti mplouza na nai kai kaltson kai goves!

  5. grats on your followers! Hahah that would've sucked so bad!

    xx scarzz


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    Happy New Year .oO°

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