Saturday, October 24, 2009


Some things that i really want but i can't afford!!!!!!!!:(

i watched the movie"the last house on the left" yesterday and i can tell it was pretty good-but it wasn't scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well i don't know why but i have never wachted a thriller that will get the hell out of me-so if you know a very scary movie plz tell me about it!!!!!!!!!

one of my favorite songs that i have totally forgot!!!!!!!!!!!golden days-the damnwells <3
PS:i got a new haircut and some highlights-i will post about them soon!


  1. I have the black chanel 2.55! lovely...

    and the bracelet and undies are so cute! I want!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Take a photo please (of ur new haircut <3)
    i love the first bag <3

  3. I don't like horor. Even I avoid to watch it. The scary images will stay on my head for weeks and I absolutely don't like that :) You are a brave girl^^
    Ow ya, the pink bag is so cute .. wooaa

  4. Nice! But I am getting the bag ;)
    ta daxtylidia einai APLA FOVERA

  5. [Rec] is a good horror movie, it's in Spanish though,
    Another horror movie is Shutter, the Thai movie, which will spook you out, do NOT watch the remakes at any cost :)

  6. hehe ta kataferes kai ts ekanes pali 25 :P

  7. The only scary movie that got me was ''The Shining''
    Not a scary movie but the best movie ever is ''Requiem for a Dream''. It just amazing.