Saturday, October 10, 2009

i received an award from a very kind girl Mapple-thank you so much-and i am sorry for posting it so late but i am so busy... Click here to visit her cute blog!!!!!!!
I have to share six interesting facts about myself!!!!
1.I love movies-actually i am a movie buff!!!!
i can watch movies everyday, i am so addicted!!!!
2.Also i am addicted to chocoate and cupcakes(i love making and decorating them).
3.One of my best friends is my dog-she is always there for me, when i am sad she is trying to cheer me up, she is coming to my bed every morning to wake me up,she doesn't care if i am beautiful or smart or funny and i am sure that she will always love me!!!!!!!!
4.i love drawing manga and reading them or watching anime-i find them very funny!!!!!!
5.i love clothes and shopping and Fashion...
6.And the last one is i don't know i can't thing something else wright now....hehehehe!


  1. hello ^^
    Did you get my invitation to MSN?

  2. hi^^ thanks for the posting dear .. You spent your time between the rush to write this and I appreciate it so much :)
    I love chocolate too. Me and my husband often eat chocolate. I know it might be bad for my diet but the yummy choco can't be denied haha ..

  3. CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! sudrivani sokolotataaaas! eixame dei ena sto cookshop! remember?