Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my fav movies as a kid

Billy Elliot is still one of my fav movie-it's so sweet...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and now the most touching and cute movie ever!!!!-i love ET!!!!!!

here is the scene that i was screaming "don't open the light"

but they open it...

and here comes the most adventure movie-god!i still remeber me screaming to the children in the movie"don't open the light!!!!!!!!!"hahahaha!!-i love that movie...

it was the most scary movie i've watched as a kid!i still remember that cripy woman and her dumb son trying to cutch the children and find the tresure oh!and the kind man that help the kids to keep the tresure and put the others in jail! hahaha and the kiss...


  1. I love Billy Eliott so much^^

  2. Mmmm....yes!i think it is a very good movie!!!!!!!!!!!thnx for the comment! :)