Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday randoms!


This post is a little bit random and not beauty related!!!I just wanted to talk about few things I'm really excited for!So my exams are almost over which means I have more time to make new posts and start blogging more regularly!!!!
The other day I went to h&m and I found some pretty awesome jewelery on the sales section the first one is this necklace with the turquoise triangles for just 3 euros, I am not a huge fun of the weird chain but it looks really nice on and I love the color!Next I found the 2 bracelets the silver and turquoise one is def my fav it's really flattering on my wrist and it was 1 euro such a bargain and last but not least the gold bracelet, it looks really nice and it's great for layering again 1 euro!
Also I watched the final trailer for the Divergent movie and I am super excited I can't wait!!!Though I have to say as a huge fun of the books I have really high expectations I really hope that the movie turns out as good as the book and it's not a disappointment!!!I'm a bit unsure of the cast because the 2 main actors don't really much with the book characters esp the actor that plays Four/Tobias!!!So yeahh tell me what you think, have you read the books??
I'm also excited for  Survivor season 28 which starts this month, def one of my fav tv shows and a guilty pleasure as it is considered a reality show!!!Hope it's a good season!!!Another favorite show of mine is The Walking Dead which started last week and it's driving me crazy but that's why I love it!!!
What are you excited for???
Tell me if you liked this post and have a really nice day!!!


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