Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This or that tag!

Hello my beautiful readers!!!
I found some free time to do a post for u,the this or that tag,well it is not something special but i think it is really interesting and plz feel free to do it too i am gonna tag some people in the end but also i am tagging u all, if un like it and wanna do it just comment me bellow and tell me to check it out!!!!!I took this tag idea from youtube so i hope u will like it!!!!!
As for my news i love the weather wright now , i love sitting in my new room and drinking hot coffee and not study( i hope),also i am in love with fall color nail polishes and i bought some goodies from the new limited mac collection with the bad disney characters and i am planning on doing a post about them!!!


blush or bronzer:mmm ok i will choose blush!
lip gloss or lipstick:as much as i love gloss i will choose lipstick cause there are some creamy ones that look like a gloss!
eye liner or mascara: mascara but i love eyeliner too!
foundation or concealer:foundation ofc cause u can use it as a concealer too
neutral or color eye shadow: i heart neutral
pressed or loose eye shadows:defenitelly pressed
brushes or sponges: brushes

OPI or china glaze:i have never tried OPI before but the colors are fantastic so i choose opi
Long or short: short
Acrylic or natural: natural
Brights or darks :darks for fall and winter and brights for spring and summer
Flower or no flower :no flower

perfume or body splash:oh that's hard i love body splashes but perfumes are better!
lotion or body butter :lotion cause u can apply it better
body wash or soap:body wash
lush or other bath company :well we don't have lush in greece so i can't choose it!

jeans or sweat pants:jeans, i am not the sweat pants girl
long sleeve of short:long
dresses or skirts:dresses
stripes or plaid :plaid
flip flops or sandals :flip flops cause they are more comfy but i love sandals too
scarves or hats:scarves
studs or dangly earrings : i guess studs because i wear them more but i love dangly earrings!
necklaces or bracelets :oh that's hard, can i skip it?i love them both sooo much
heels or flats :heels look so beautiful but flats are comfy and i adore them!
cowboy boots or riding boots:riding boots
jacket or hoodie :hoodie
zara or h&m(forever 21 or charlotte russe)*:hard hard hard i shop a lot from both of them
pull and bear or stradivarious(abercombie or Hollister)*:that's hard too but i need to choose so pull an bear!
BSB ot Toi&Moi(saks 5th or nordstrom)*:Bsb

curly or straight:Curly
bun or ponytail:bun
bobby pins or butterfly clips:bobby pins
hair spray or gel :hair spray
long or short :long
light or dark :dark
side sweep bangs or full bangs:side sweep bangs
up or down: down

Rain or shine: i love rain i s my fave weather but i am gonna choose shine cause shine makes me feel happier!
Summer or winter: winter
Fall or spring :that's the hardest one i love fall and spring but maybe i like spring a little bit more
Chocolate or vanilla :chocolate
East coast or west coast:well in Greece i love east coast

*I changed the shops cause we don't have them in greece but if u gonna do the tag u can change them again!!

So i'm gonna tag:

she's a vamp



  1. I'm gonna post it as soon as possible but I might skip that make up part 'cause I don't use any:]
    Love the photos as always, and your aswers!:D

  2. Oh what a lovely game! Can I tag myself?
    Great photos too:)

  3. Hi! :) Thank you for following me and commenting... I like your blog very much! I can't wait to read more posts of you! :D

  4. I love all your answers.
    Thank you so much for the tag. I'll get to it soon! :)


  5. Love that post!!!!!

  6. loved it!

  7. Hi!this post is beautiful!I follow you and I hope you vist my fashion blog!my name's martina and I come from Italy...I would like you follow mine!!!I wait you and your tips...kiss kiss =D

  8. Latrevw ta this or that tags! Panta diavazw tis apanthseis me poly periergeia! Filia, kalh evdomada!

  9. The first and the last picture are both so great!