Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sweet home Alabama-lynyrd skynyrd and paper heart's giveaway

Hello beautiful people!
Click the title to here my title's song to put you in summer mood!!!
I'm finishing my exams tomorrow and i am so exhited,finally time to rest and have fun and go to the sea and do things with your friends-oh i love summer....!So that is my last post for this month cause i am leaving for my summer camp and i will come back in 3 weeks so i wish u all a fantastic gorgeous super duper unforgetable and unbelievable summer!!!!!!!

So last but not least the fantastic giveaway that paper heart is doing:

PS:True blood season 3 has started so i am exhiting for that too and i don't know if u watch it but in the season 2 there was a vampire guy called Godric who was just a hottie and i am so sad that he died they should have kept him..So here is a photo of him tell me what u think isn't him so handsome??



  1. Godric was such a hottie
    But I love Eric!I mean the guy is sooo good looking.Cant wait for him and Sookie to happen during season 3!!!

  2. hey... ade twra xekinane ta wraia!!!!
    na perasete teleia me tin treliara Anna
    fadazomai mazi pate!!!!
    filia kukla!

  3. love love the new header (:


  4. have fun sweetheart!!!
    I will see u at 3:30 today!!! :)

  5. love this post! that accesoirie is so beautiful! xo

  6. damn, he's beautiful, but in these pic he looks like a vampire!bbbbbbrrrrrr!
    (sorry, but I don't speak English well.)


  7. 8elo kego kalokerini kataskinosi! (an ke 8a me san tin giagia..8elooooo!)

  8. Καλοκαίρι<3

    Live it up,drink it down,laugh it off.
    Hope you enjoy what you're doing!

    Check out sweety:

  9. well i'm new here...alla entaksei t diko m blog dn pianei kai polla mrosta sto diko s...haha...:)