Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hello everyone!!!i am so bored these days i don't know what to do!!!i am thinking of getting a new haircut and some highlights,i need a deferance!!!And i am happy cause i have lots of new clothes in my closet cause i spend lots of money on shopping when i was in finland-i really want to do a post about them but i don't know do you want me to do outfit post with them or just photos of them?-tell me!!!!!

So it's Valentine's day today but i am single so i will not celebrate or anything but happy valentine to all of you that have found their valentine!!!!!!but i am not staying at home tonight-no i will not sit down and eat chocolate-i am going to see "Valentine's day" i know that's pathetic too but who cares...!!!!!

Also i wanted to do a post cause of a bad new that many people can't believe and that's about Alexander McQueen!!!!I think he was the most crazy and the best!!!!So RIP Alexander!!!!!

Here are some inspiration photos that i like:



  1. love all of them (:


    p.s. happy vday

  2. your blog is great....wonderfull pictures....
    wow wow wow...

    check out our fox:

  3. RIP Alexander McQueen

    I love your blog very much ^_^

    How was the new movie Valentines Day , any good ?!

  4. The one by the window reminds me of lost in translation, that beautiful movie.

  5. i love being single!!!
    καλή ήταν η ταινία; ήθελα να τη δω

    καλό μήνα, καλή συνέχεια με τα μαθήματά σου

  6. The rabbit graphic is kind of perfect :)