Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Give it to me wright-melani fiona!

hey guys-i know that my blog is a mess lately but my pc has some technical problems so it's very hard for me to write and put new things to my blog!!!!!!!i hope my pc will come home soon!!!!!!!!
you can visit polyvore one of my fav sites and see my new creations-if you want click here!!!!

well my life these days was so ordinery i mean there was nothing great the only thing i did to please myself was that i went with my friend alex(31 of october=halloween)to the cinema and we watched michael jackson's this is it!!!!!!
it was a little bit borring but if u are a real fun of him then you will like it!!!!!!!!!

PS:beacause i don't have a pc at home that does not mean that i don't check my e-mails and my blog so if you want to ask me anything plz just comment to me i will see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love u guys!!!!!!:)
oh!and i will try to put some photos soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. it can be a real nuisance can't it !!

  2. my life is also boring. nothing special
    We should do this swap haha I am so busy these days, sorry
    but i will do it!